Quick Update

Hi everyone. Just a quick update this time! Sorry I haven't posted much since I left but finding internet in the French countryside or wild camping in the middle of nowhere is a little difficult sometimes! I will post a more detailed update soon but for the moment I thought you might be interested in the distances I have travelled so far.

Countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany. Total distance: 565 miles (with a few hills throw in!)

Day 1. ​ Abingdon - Newbury (33 miles)

Day 2. Newbury - Portsmouth Ferry Terminal (75 miles)

Day 3. Caen Ferry Terminal - Lieu Dit (50 miles)

Day 4. Lieu Dit - Quai Foch (53 miles)

Day 5. Quai Foch (Rest Day)

Day 6. Quai Foch - Bresles/Beauvais (65 miles)

Day 7. Bresles/Beauvais - Saint Aubin (61 miles)

Day 8. Saint Aubin - Etouvelles (25 miles)

Day 9. Etouvelles - Near Jandun/Barbe En Croc (60 miles)

Day 10. Near Jandun/Barbe En Croc - Jamoigne (52 miles)

Day 11. Jamoigne - Rettel (66 miles)

Day 12. Rettell - Saarsaurlouis (25 miles)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future updates!

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