3 days to go!

It is now only 3 days till the date I've told everyone about for nearly two years - the 'small' task of travelling around the world on my bike! At times since I decided to do this life changing challenge it has felt as though the start of this adventure would never arrive!

During the years and months leading up to 'leaving day' I have researched for hours to get the right kit, sort out visa and money and plan a ‘rough’ route of my journey – which will undoubtably change as I go! As well as using information I have researched beforehand I also plan on use local knowledge throughout the trip as this will hopefully make my time around the world more interesting! I have been planning and talking about this trip for so long and now the moment is almost here and it feels rather sureal.

However, the reality of this trip has definitely began to sink in, and the nerves have certainly started to kick in as well - which is not unexpected since the furthest distance I have travelled up to this point has been a 355 mile group ride from Abingdon to Paris! As well as travelling this huge distance doing it solo certainly adds to the enormity of what I am about to undertake.

The months leading up to this point have dragged, but now the date is almost here the weeks have been flying by at an alarming rate, with the last few weeks since finishing work just a blur of packing, last minute preperations, leaving meals and saying my goodbyes. I’ve been trying to really appreciate the time I have left before I leave – my last night in a 'proper' bed, last evening with family and friends, last trip to the cinema, last ‘proper’ cup of tea.

Once the trip begins I expect any nerves to disappear as I adapt to life in the saddle, but I am half excited and half sad about leaving. I'm excited to be finally heading off on this adventure that I have dreamed about for so long, but I am also sad to be saying goodbye to family and friendswho I will miss while I am away.

I will be leaving at 10am on Saturday 17th October from the market place in Abingdon – I would love it if you wee able to come down and wave me off! From that point I will be heading to Portsmouth to catch the ferry across to France, which at that point the trip really begins!

My next post on here will be on 'leaving day' and I will finally be on my way!

How will I pack all of this?!

#finalpreparations #packing #England

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