Hi there! Welcome to BIKE THE WORLD. My name is Peter and I'm an avid cyclist with a passion for travelling! Since as long as I remember I have dreamed of travelling the world and recently came up with the idea of doing so by bike.


This crazy idea of biking around the world spawned a few years back while I was watching the excellent Mark Beaumont’s “The Man Who Cycled The World”, which was followed, which was followed by reading various accounts of others who had also toured the world by bike. I have always love the idea of travelling and I also love cycling but before that moment it had never occurred to me to combine both of these things together.

Up to this point I'd never cycled more than 350 miles and I had always done this in a group.  I has now decided that I was going to to cycle around the world, on a journey of roughly 20,000km, and I will be doing this solo!


Riding a bicycle is a great way to see the world, mostly due to the pace at which you travel. This allows you to get a real sense of the places you are in and the cultures you are travelling through. It also helps you engage with people of all walks of life and, in my mind, there is no doubt cycling gives me a chance to meet people in ways that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.


Now this idea had gotten into my head nothing was going to stop me! With 18 months to complete my journey I began my adventure on 17th October 2015, with the hope of travelling as much of the journey as possible on my trusty two-wheeled steed. Wish me luck!

17th October 2015



HOME! (Abingdon, Oxfordshire)
Latitude:  51.670322,
Longitude:  -1.281515
Last Updated: 24.06.2017

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